Campaign Finance Reports Electronic Filing System

Welcome to the Harris County Clerk's Office Elections Department Campaign Finance Reports Electronic Filing System.  This online web filing system will allow County Officeholders, Candidates, authorized committee members and other authorized personnel to use an internet browser to file campaign contribution and expenditure reports that have been saved to their computer.

Before the online electronic campaign report filing system can be used, a user must have an User ID and password and an "Authorization Form" on file with the Harris County Election's Office.

When completed, mail, email or hand-deliver the "Authorization Form" to the Election's Office to have the User ID approved. A User ID will not be recognized by the online system until it is authorized by the Election's Office.

The "Authorization Form" can be returned for approval by following method:
  • In-person: 1001 Preston, 4th Floor, Houston, TX 77002
  • Mailing: P.O. Box 1148, Houston,TX 77251-1148
  • Email: [email protected]